U1-SySF-NAOKI MUSIC LOVE is a song composed and arranged by TP-TH-7 in Move It series that its title is based on their heroes, and how they have their favorite songs.


Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Yuichi Asami is my hero. I would never want him to die. If anyone threatens to kill him, I would be stressed out, or I would be scared of that. I decided to enjoy his songs so much. Fascination ~eternal love mix~ is one of my favorite songs, and I would never stop that from the beginning into the end.

Tomiko KaiEdit

The hero of mine is Sota Fujimori. Whenever someone is being mean to him, I would be sad or upset. My favorite song is Try 2 Luv. U, which means I like him as much.

Yuri MotoEdit

My hero is Naoki Maeda. I really liked how he comes up with the songs for DDR. Don't mess up with him at all. My favorite song is WILD RUSH.



  • U1-SySF-NAOKI MUSIC LOVE is 2 BPM faster than most MAKE IT UP songs.
  • The song has BEMANI Artist Connections with Yuichi Asami, Sota Fujimori, and Naoki Maeda. They're all idols/heroes of TP-TH-7. Every members don't want their idols to be threatened/killed/picked on/messed up with.
    • If anyone messes up with Naoki Maeda, Yuri Moto will get angry or mad.
    • If anyone is being mean to, or bully Sota Fujimori, Tomiko Kai will be sad or upset.
    • If anyone threatens or threatens to kill Yuichi Asami, Tsukiko Uchida will have a stress or a fear, or a worse case of a berserk button.
  • Each of every members of TP-TH-7 has their favorite songs from their idols, which where they come from.
    • WILD RUSH by FACTOR-X over Yuri Moto
    • Try 2 Luv. U by S.F.M.P. over Tomiko Kai
    • Fascination ~eternal love mix~ by 2MB over Tsukiko Uchida
  • U1-SySF-NAOKI MUSIC LOVE and Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~ make best connections with the jumps of jumps and freeze arrows.
  • The band composed the song three months before forming the band. It is the final early composition made by TP-TH-7. They needed to do that before forming the band on April 23, 2014.