MAKE IT UP ~eternal infinity mix~ is a remix of "MAKE IT UP" by TP-TH-7 with BPM changes. It is part of Move It, and Make It Up series.

MAKE IT UP ~eternal infinity mix~

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

With that song, I thought slow-to-normal-to-slow-to-normal is quite crazy, but sometimes not too queezy enough for me. Slow-downs are the toughest, but people still get the hang of it.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Can you realize that 53 is half of 106? Those BPM's? I could never believe that. Maybe I need to learn better math.

Yuri MotoEdit

There are two speed-backs on this remix.



  • MAKE IT UP ~eternal infinity mix~ is a BPM-change remix of MAKE IT UP.
    • Despite, it has the same BPM's as the full version of the original.
  • The lowest BPM point is 53, which is half of the highest point 106.
  • BEGINNER chart has 1/8 notes in the 53-BPM section.