Flowers of 桜 (or simply Flowers of Sakura) is a springtime song by TP-TH-7 under Speedy and Seasonal series.

Flowers of Sakura

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I'm happy that spring is around the corner. Flowers of 桜 is one of the four songs songs with "Fresh Air", "All Tails and Sparks", and "Pixies Unite!" that are part of spring. Nothing else would have been brand new, no matter what. I talked with Megumi Yamazaki one night, and she said it is alright for all of that.

Tomiko KaiEdit

This is one of the spring songs we've start created a while ago. Tsukiko Uchida knows what we are by the way, and we're doing all of this, within being 180-BPM spring song.

Yuri MotoEdit

Sakura is the most traditional part of our country. What else is new?


Level 4 6 8 13 16
Max Combos 124 230 323 414 437
Jumps 13 19 26 49 80
Freeze 6 13 25 52 57



  • Flowers of 桜 has Japanese traditional song "Sakura" in three different parts of a song.
  • Flowers of 桜's graphics has mostly pink flowers with cherry blossoms.
  • Along with Fresh Air (by themselves) and Pixies Unite! (with their gang), Flowers of 桜 is one of TP-TH-7's spring songs.
  • Because it is 180 BPM, Flowers of 桜 is the only Speedy series song for Pixies section of Seasonal songs.
  • Flowers of 桜 has a Japanese word at the end, with the first words being English, just like Tastes Like Yummy Yummy 餅.
    • Although, Tastes Like Yummy Yummy 餅 is 30 BPM slower than Flowers of 桜.
  • Like every spring songs by TP-TH-7, Flowers of 桜 has Japanese instruments colliding with electronic or electro-dance instruments, which TP-TH-7 uses.
  • Flowers of 桜 is two minutes straight.