Elastic Wings is a song by and first composition of TP-TH-7. It is under Move It series.

Elastic Wings

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

It was our very first composition right before TP-TH-7 is born. It's because I get too bored without music. My idol is Yuichi Asami, which all of you know. He's always in my mind, my heart, and everywhere when I feel enjoying his music. It only happened when I was almost seventeen that I wanted to compose every songs with my friends like he does. It must be length the same as ROUGHUE 800.

Tomiko KaiEdit

It's good to feel like having arrangements to our very first composition. I realize that it comes to the point that it started with 35 1/3 BPM before hoppy 106 BPM.

Yuri MotoEdit

The beginning of this song is slow, but it comes to normal speed that point.



  • Elastic Wings is TP-TH-7's very first composition. The song was composed by Tsukiko Uchida, Tomiko Kai, and Yuri Moto in 2007, which is seven years prior to TP-TH-7's formation.
  • Part of Elastic Wing's melody was used as town tune for Osakyo, town in Animal Crossing: City Folk.
  • CHALLENGE charts over numbers of jumps and freeze arrows get along with Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, U1-SySF-NAOKI MUSIC LOVE, Blue Illness, Whole Awakening ~Berserk Button mix~, MAKE IT UP, and All Things When Things Go Crazy well.
  • There are seven BEMANI artists in graphics of Elastic Wings. They are: Sota Fujimori (red), Kosuke Saito (orange), Naoki Maeda (yellow), Takayuki Ishikawa (green), Yasuhiro Taguchi (cyan), Yuichi Asami (blue), and Akira Yamaoka (purple).
    • These seven BEMANI artists would have been so indestructible with their own personal bodies in this song.
    • TP-TH-7 members are in silhouette based on what colors their idols they're on. Tomiko Kai is on the red (because of her idol being Sota Fujimori), Yuri Moto is on the yellow (because of her idol being Naoki Maeda), and Tsukiko Uchida is on the blue (because of her idol being Yuichi Asami).
  • According to Tsukiko Uchida's interview, the duration is the same as ROUGHUE 800 (2 minutes, 4 seconds).
    • Lowest BPM point of ROUGHUE 800 is 10 BPM less than Elastic Wing's lowest BPM point.
  • Elastic Wings change BPM only one time. It started out at 35.333 BPM, which at least it is displayed 35-106. After calming intro, it speeds up to 106 BPM.
  • Sky High Girl cannot be even exist in graphics of Elastic Wings.
  • Miles Clayton has his own version of Elastic Wings, calling High Boarding.
  • Unlike other songs with Faultflex remixes, Elastic Wings's Faultflex remix is a Boss Rush series song.