Key signatures are part of the Circle of Fifths. TP-TH-7 uses this as their guidance. The list of them are Natural (C Major/A minor), 1 Sharp (G Major/E minor), 2 Sharps (D Major/B minor), 3 Sharps (A Major/F# minor), 4 Sharps (E Major/C# minor), 5 Sharps or 7 Flats (B Major/Ab minor), 6 Sharps or Flats (F# Major/Eb minor), 7 Sharps or 5 Flats (C# Major/Bb minor), 4 Flats (Ab Major/F minor), 3 Flats (Eb Major/C minor), 2 Flats (Bb Major/G minor), and 1 Flat (F Major/D minor).

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