All Tails and Sparks is a springtime song by TP-TH-7 under Seasonal and Speedy series.

All Tails and Sparks

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Ever since we formed TP-TH-7 on April 23, 2014, we decided to celebrate with this song, and this springtime song cheers up everybody. Nothing else would have decided over 130-to-260-BPM song to have one single part, but I decided not to make a stop for this, on account of this incident!

Tomiko KaiEdit

Having one of the other point, I know springtime is even worse when it rains, and it is alright if the sun shines outside. I'd like sunny weather better though!

Yuri MotoEdit

When songs are close to whenever it is, the spring has been sprouted!


Level 4 6 7 12 17
Max Combos 145 194 238 356 442
Jumps 17 22 21 38 48
Freeze 4 4 14 22 12



  • Over the backgrounds of All Tails and Sparks, looks like these seven BEMANI artists are mixed up with spring collection and craziness! It shows that Yuichi Asami is a plant person, Sota Fujimori and Naoki Maeda are staring each other having dark red clothes, yellow hair, and green skin, Kosuke Saito is painting himself green and covering him with flowers and leafs as plant person disguise (green yarn represent vine), Yasuhiro Taguchi coming from the hole discovering his hat is missing, which is on Tomosuke Funaki, who is also getting out with his glasses messed up, and Junko Karashima is hiding behind the bush.
    • Yuichi's roses are red, yellow, and blue, which all of them are primary colors.
  • Just like all springtime songs, All Tails and Sparks has Japanese traditional instrument and electric instrument colliding together.
  • All Tails and Sparks change BPM. It halves from 260, going to 130, and speeds back by doubling, which returns to 260. It did that again.
    • All Tails and Sparks is the fastest springtime song ever made by TP-TH-7.
    • All Tails and Sparks is the only springtime song that change BPM, as the other springtime songs keep at a constant.
  • All Tails and Sparks is one of the springtime songs by TP-TH-7, alongside with Flowers of 桜, Fresh Air, and Pixies Unite! (with the gang).